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the babe

Aug 22 '14

postghost asked:

✍ - Story from your childhood/☄ - I wish… /® - Favorite foods?/☀ - Story about your day.

Story from your childhood:

I’ve told you this before but the word “exercise” has never been misspelled ever since the day that I, well known in primary school for being one of the best spellers in the school, cost my team a spelling bee competition win by spelling it as “excercise.” EVERYONE HATED ME FOR IT. :D (and then forgot about it a few weeks later)

I wish…

I wish I didn’t have to go to bed after I write this.

Favorite foods?

PASTA. OBVIOUSLY. It was what I had as Favorite Food in my first playthrough of EarthBound. I also really like chicken, especially if it is of the fried variety.

Story about your day.

Oh god. Okay, only good thing about today is that I got to go to Iowa for like 2 hours because my team wanted to have lunch there and it turns out I like like 15 minutes away from the damn state.

After that, I was unnecessarily SLEEPY all day while having to work on stuff, checked my tracking for my remaining packages only to find out I needed to be home in order for it to be delivered so it got delayed by a day. I called up FedEx to clear that up because I work all day and would never be home for a package that requires my signature, took the bus home and had to walk UPHILL while still sleepy because said bus does not stop at my apartment complex, called FedEx again in a near blind rage and then had to clean up some rotten milk I forgot about in the fridge that expanded and leaked and shit SMELLS.

then I got on tumblr and looked through the mother tag all day which made me feel better

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Aug 22 '14



dat small meow

a rude baby does not realize that he is a baby and not a food

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Aug 22 '14




Interesting character idea: make a stereotypical badass ninja-type character have a un-apologetically thick Southern accent

ya’ll can’t hit what ya’ll can’t see


fucking clay bailey, of course

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Aug 22 '14

Invade my privacy

  • ☝ - How tall are you?
  • ✔ - Sexual Orientation
  • ♨ - Do you Smoke?
  • ☟ - Do you Drink?
  • ♒ - Do you Take Drugs?
  • ✖ - Age you get mistaken for
  • ☆ - Have Tattoos?
  • ★ - Want any tattoos?
  • ☯ - Got any Piercings?
  • ✌ - Want any piercings?
  • ♧ - Best friend?
  • ♥ - Do you like anyone?
  • ♔ - Top 5 favorite bands?
  • ♬ - Top 5 favorite songs?
  • ☹ - Biggest pet peeve?
  • ✍ - Story from your childhood.
  • ☄ - I wish…
  • ® - Favorite foods?
  • ☀ - Story about your day.
  • ♕ - Top 5 celebrity crushes?
  • ♔ - Top 5 favorite movies?
  • ☮ - Top 5 favorite TV shows?
  • ✏ - Random fact about yourself.

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Aug 22 '14



tfw your entire wrist rotates


i’ll admit that the animation is pretty sus but





nah son

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Aug 21 '14

btw I know I still have requests to draw, I just haven’t had the time to do them hhh

work days suck give me many weekends

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Aug 21 '14

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Aug 21 '14

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Aug 21 '14


Ness to Dad. Come in, Dad.

I can’t say this is the nerdiest thing I’ve ever drawn but it’s pretty high up there. Paula as Christine Chapel, Poo as Spock, Ness as Kirk, and Jeff as Scotty. Guest starring Paula’s bear as a poor red shirt.

bonus Mr. Tribble:






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Aug 21 '14


i just realized that the crunchyroll logo is an anime eye


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Aug 21 '14

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Aug 21 '14

Anonymous asked:

what is mother about?


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Aug 21 '14


we got skeleton decorations in at my work

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Aug 21 '14




most underrated Doctor

His face.

Always reblog.

Love, love, love Nine.

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Aug 21 '14

sageflip asked:

Dear iamflip,

Dear iamflip,

Has the guild been burnt down yet?

- Karen

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